More About Framing Your Mirrors

Free In-Home Consultations


Frame It! will bring an extensive selection of picture frame samples for You to view in the convenience of your home.  There’s nothing better than seeing the actual product in your bathroom.  Once you place your order, Frame It! will custom build your mirror frame in a matter of days.  

Installation Day


Upon placing your order, Frame It! will work with your schedule to determine the best day & time to add the finishing touch to your bathroom.  All we ask is that you clear your counters the day of the installation.  Then Frame It! Will take care of the rest!  Most installations are completed within 15-20 minutes per mirror.  The best part is...the mess stays in our shop and not in your home.  Our frames are -reassembled priormto the installation.  Therefore, the installation is quick and easy for you.  



"Thank you for the follow up.  It has been a great experience being a customer of yours.  I very much appreciate all of the accommodations from frame selection, bevel removal, and installation.  I love the master bath mirrors, now nothing else in there is good enough.  I am excited about focusing on changing the lights and accessories.  Thanks again for everything.  It has been a pleasure getting to know you and your husband.  Please let me know if I can ever serve as a reference."

Carrie Hall

What else are they saying?

Not just for bathrooms...


Do you have a mirror in your dining room or living room?  Our frames are not limited to the bathroom.  We can frame any plain mirror in your home.  

Exciting News ~ Frame Your TV!


Frame It! is happy to offer a new framing service.  Framing your TV is more than just a designer extra.  You will be amazed at how much larger the TV screen appears when it is surrounded by a beautiful picture frame.  Large frames are suggested for these applications.  Call today for more information.



♦ If my mirror touches the backsplash or is up against the wall on one or both sides can I Frame It?

Yes!  Our frames attach directly to the mirror itself.  Therefore, you do not need any space around the edge of the mirror.  It is not necessary to cut or remove the mirror.

♦ What if I have several mirrors that come together along angled walls or mirrors that join in a corner? 

If you have multiple mirrors that meet, we will frame them as separate mirrors that touch each other.  Please see the “Before & After” link to see some examples of this technique. 

♦ My current mirror is already framed with mirrored bevel strips.  Can it still be framed?

Yes, we can remove your existing frame in most cases.  Our mirror frame will then be applied in its place.