Why Frame It?


Why Use Frame It?

We make it easy to dramatically enhance your bathroom mirrors

Are you thinking about removing your plain bathroom mirror?  Imagine the time and expense in doing so!

  • First, there is a lot of frustration and hassle in removing a mirror.  There will be sheetrock repair, paint, and quite possibly a shattered mirror. 

  • Second, it is nearly impossible to purchase decorative mirrors in the correct size and style to fit the vanities space.  This is because retailers typically only carry standard size mirrors. 

  • With a standard size mirror, you lose reflective space.  This in turn cuts down on the amount of light reflection throughout the room.  Also, the dimensions of standard mirror do not usually match well with the vanity.

  • We custom make our frames to attach directly to your existing mirror.  Therefore, you do not need to hassle with removing the mirror from the wall.  We will bring an extensive selection of picture frame samples for you to view in the convenience of your home. There's nothing better than seeing the actual product in your bathroom. Once you place your order, Frame It! will custom build and professionally install your frame in a matter of days.

  • Thinking about “Doing It Yourself”?  Think again…  Many homeowners have tried to use standard trim to frame their existing mirrors.  Frame It! has removed many of these diy mirror frames over the years. Our experience and expertise will save you time, money and hassle.  You will be much happier after you contact Frame It! to beautify those plain lifeless mirrors. Why do it yourself, when we can provide you with a custom solution!

  • A bathroom mirror frame not only enhances the existing mirror you look at every day, but transforms the room overall.  It adds depth and warmth, brightens the room, and becomes a focal point to enhance its surroundings.